Cuban Hits the Spot Yet Again

Last night D and I had tickets to a show put on by Questlove at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Heading to Brooklyn is not a normal occurence, so we tried to make the most of it and headed over early to have dinner and a drink. What is in Brooklyn you ask? Cuban! If … Continue reading

Not Quite Vacation

While I wish I had the time to take a few days and go somewhere warm, the amount of things I’ve found I have to take care of before moving has been overwhelming and I think it’s best I’d stay put. So here I am in the busiest city in the world, trying to relax. … Continue reading

Days off Lunch

So I officially am off work! Feels so strange, and I haven’t quite relaxed yet. I am in the midst of trying to find an apartment, pack up my old one, and move to a strange city, but I should still be able to enjoy this time off .. right? Just need to figure out … Continue reading