Posted in October 2009

>The Bitter End

> I went to a great concert on Saturday night  – bobby long. Check.him.out.  Here’s a photo from the concert I’m a huge fan of the “one-man-acoustic-folk” sound. Anyone have any other similar recommendations?? I’m always looking out for new music. The Bitter End is also a fabulous venue in case you are ever in … Continue reading

>The Consulting 10

>In case you haven’t read the “about me” section, I currently work at a consulting firm in New York City.  Before I started, I heard all about the travel, staying in hotels 3-4 nights a week, getting used to having two different homes, yada yada…I also was giving warning regarding [dun dun dunnnn] the Consulting … Continue reading

>Gym Bug

>In case you don’t know me, I happen to work out a lot. This is a recent phenomena in my life – started about 6 months ago, but I feel so much better already.  I am a member of NYSC and have started to l.o.v.e. my gym on 8th ave and 23rd. I know where … Continue reading

>Waning Cresent

>Waning Cresent is the current moon phase on this Wednesday night. I was thinking about it because I realized that I hadn’t even looked at the sky, yet I had been outside for hours. Today I did a Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp Training class after work. It.was.awesome. I’ll definitely have trouble walking tomorrow but it will … Continue reading

>Friday Night Lite[s]

> “To go out or not to go out. That is the question.”  When most people think of Fridays, they think of raucous parties and nights out on the town with their girlfriends, boyfriend, out of town friends…I think of homemade dinners, a small vanilla Tasti with rainbow sprinkles and rewatching a Ryan Reynolds ro-co … Continue reading