Posted in November 2009

>Races and Turkeys and Reunions, Oh My…

> Thanksgiving has never been one of my favorite holidays but this year definitely turned a corner and may creep to the forefront on the “Favorite Holidays” list (if I kept one).  Great things about the past 5 days: 1. Got to go home and see my family and the puppies!   That would be … Continue reading

>Fueling a Thirst for Knowledge…and Hunger

>My grandma has been bragging for months now about her special privileges at the Metropolitan Museum of Art since she is a member. Basically, she gets to eat in the Trustees Dining Room (whoo whoo). So to celebrate her VIP status, my mom and I got to have a great brunch with her today! It’s … Continue reading

>Flashing Room

> Last night a huge group of us bought tickets to go and see 2 AM Club perform live at Union Hall in Brooklyn. This band is really good! They were signed about a year ago and are performing at concerts all over the US. I’ve been to two pretty low key concerts before tonight, … Continue reading

>Happy Happy Birthdaaay

> Last night we celebrated my friend Liz’s birthday — the big 24! It was the first time all of my high school friends that live in the city have gotten together in a while so it was really fun. We started with some cheese and cupcakes platters of course — magnolia bakery is definitely … Continue reading

>Thursday night line up

>Getting ready for one of my favv shows of the season! Can you guess where I got the title of my blog link for??  vampire diaries woot woot 🙂  As Glamour magazine so poetically stated in their December issue – that “I’m a man jaw line” just never fails on me