>Fueling a Thirst for Knowledge…and Hunger

>My grandma has been bragging for months now about her special privileges at the Metropolitan Museum of Art since she is a member. Basically, she gets to eat in the Trustees Dining Room (whoo whoo). So to celebrate her VIP status, my mom and I got to have a great brunch with her today! It’s embarrassing to admit that I had not been to the MET yet and I have lived in the city for almost a year and a half. Clearly I need to educate myself more on historical things in the city. Unfortunately, I’m reeeeally not a museum person. I just don’t get how people walk around and look at artifacts and trinkets from centuries ago.  I did like the Photography exhibit though 🙂

When we finally got up to the Trustees Dining Room, it was so nice! With a gorgeous view overlooking the park and open tables, and people dressed up in blazers and women in scarves and heels for sunday tea. I kinda felt like I was surrounded by old money..or something. Or I just like making stories up about people I see 🙂  
Like the avid blogger I am trying to be, I took photos of all the food, despite the man at the table next to us who my mom mentioned was very amused when I whipped out my camera for each course.
Complimentary mimosas and bread basket 🙂
Crab cake salad appetizer
Some pate concoction – the stuff never looks appetizing to me
I opted for the garden salad app. and the dressing was really good!
I got the vegetarian crepes for my entree with a squash and sweet potato puree and filling. It was delicious!!
The Bass
The gourmet rendition of eggs benedict
And of course…dessert!! I instituted the rule that no one could get the same thing. There was a chocolate torte, sorbet and berries, and a cheesecake. 
It just looked so pretty 🙂
Both the chocolate and the cheesecake were super rich and heavy, which I didn’t really like. But my sorbet and fruit was just perfect, light and refreshing!
Overall it was a great brunch with three generations of lovely women 🙂

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