>It’s that time of year…Office Holiday Parties!


Yesterday was my office holiday party! While I was a little bummed because it was right after work and we had to wear business casual, it was still pretty fun.  Normally I look forward to these things because I LOVE to dress up! Now that I’m not in college anymore there are no more formals or socials to wear dresses to so if I get an excuse to play dress up then I’m all in 🙂 

On our way to the venue we passed the Rockefeller Xmas Tree so I had to take a picture. It looks awesome this year!
This shot didn’t work, but I thought it came out kind of cool anyways…
I think that this year has been really hard on alot of people and a lot of companies, so it’s nice to have events like this to keep people happy and to just relax and celebrate!


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  1. >I have so much respect and admiration for any New Yorker that sucked it up and went oustide regardless of Saturday's weather. Looks like you had a great day that was worth going out in the rain for!

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