>Christmas In Connecticut


So Santa made a nice little pit stop in Connecticut last week! It was so nice to be home and to see my dogs, and my family, and the tree (not in that order..). I have been appreciating the country life and my house in Connecticut so much more now that I live in the most hectic city in the US. It’s amazing what a little fresh farmland air can do for the psyche 😉

And Santa left me a large package of Angela’s Oh She Glows! bars. Seriously they are soo good! 
I also had my first interaction with a real pomegranate. It was a lot easier to tackle than I had been expecting, and they were gorgeous to boot! Of course the seeds ended up making a beautiful addition to my oatmeal that (and most) morning/s of my holiday break. There were plenty of other food concoctions that came about..but those were more for satisfying my sweet tooth – and I’ll post the recipes later 😉

Now if only I could get my family to eat oatmeal and organic skim milk for bfast with me…instead of whole milk and dunkin’ donuts….I think it’s a lost cause 😉

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