Posted in January 2010

>The Scheduler

>Shout out to my jersey shore fans! It’s a guilty pleasure, but I was recently introduced and can see myself indulging in it shamefully. Oh well! The Scheduler is now my official Jersey Shore nickname, designated to myself by myself. After 2009 ended, I went a few weeks without a new planner and felt utterly … Continue reading


> Hey all! I hope you had a great weekend, because I definitely did…I have been in Chicago since Thursday! Every time I go out there I have such a good time and I say to everyone, “I can’t wait to move out here”…. eventually I think I would like to but for now, I’ll … Continue reading

>Memorable Weekend Eats

> I swear I didn’t eat this whole thing…but I wish 🙂 My mom and brother came into the city on a whim (definitely a perk to having my family close by!) and we all went out to lunch! If you are ever in New York and are having a hard time deciding what/where to … Continue reading

>Feeling good by Doing good

>By now, I know that everyone is aware of the destruction that has taken place in Haiti. 80-90% of the buildings in Port-au-Prince have been destroyed, and although is it unconfirmed, there is talk of around 20,000-30,000 dead. While I have done my fair share of traveling overseas, and to other countries, I still live … Continue reading

>23 or 70?

>Clearly I have been MIA via the blog this week, but after reading you’ll understand why, and maybe be able to relate? I started this week with a fabulous energy; I had a great weekend, work was looking manageable this week, I had a fun dinner planned for Thursday. And then, Monday hit. Mondays are … Continue reading