>What did you do today?


Living up to my mantra this morning, I…
Definitely sweat 🙂 Today I did interval training on the treadmill:
– 1 mile @ 7.0
– 10 minutes @ 5.0 incline
– 1 mile @ 7.2
– 10 minutes @ 6.0 incline
– 1 mile @ 7.0
– 10 minutes @ 5.0 incline
Followed by a killer Magic Circle Pilates Class at Power Pilates 🙂 I’ve been doing pilates for a few years, not regularly though until I moved to New York. Since joining NYSC, I take these two pilates classes at the gym every Tuesday and Thursday. I thought they were great, until I started taking classes at Power Pilates. My body gets WORKED! And it feels fabulous! 

Any one have any other good workout suggestions?

On another note, got this in the mail today!

I love love love ab, and had heard about this kind but they don’t sell it in any of the grocery stores near me 😦 but if you go to the website you can request some free samples! I also love love love free stuff 😉 in case you couldn’t tell. Speaking of free stuff, Eat Move Love is giving away a Gluten free cookbook – so go to the website and apply if you a) like baking b) like winning stuff or c) love baking. Good luck!

What did you do today?

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  1. >The most productive thing I've done today is go to the bathroom about 50 times. Being a student worker is dull, and I'm just waiting for the day these ladies ask me why I pee so much.

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