Posted in February 2010

>Laugh a Little!

> I am so looking forward to NOT traveling this weekend!! whoo hoo. Seriously the past three weekends I have been go go go in different states and different countries and every mode of transportation that is available…I can’t wait to relax and maybe sleep 8+ hours (maybe!) this weekend in my newly cleaned apartment. … Continue reading

>Worthwhile Break

> Wow I didn’t realize that it had been so long since my last post! However, I do have a worthwhile excuse… I spent all of last week basking in the beautiful views of St. Johns in the US Virgin Islands. A vacation in the middle of February is probably the healthiest, most relaxing activity … Continue reading

>L O S T?

> Happy hump day folks! After Wednesday’s are over I feel so much more refreshed…it’s amazing what little things can do for your spirit huh? In case you live under a rock and were unaware of last night’s festivities, it was the LOST premiere (or in case you have more productive/educational hobbies that preoccupy your … Continue reading

>Note to self:

>Do not put protein powder in oatmeal after it is already cooked. I made that mistake this morning and literally felt like I was inhaling dry pretzels er something to that extent…it was not good to say the least. Having a crummy breakfast didn’t put my day off to a good start, and I don’t … Continue reading

>Sweet Escapes

> I feel like most of the time the weekends just fly by and it’s hard to recount what actually even happened. Luckily, that was entirely not the case this weekend. Friday night was lazy, which as any one who has read my past entries knows are my favorite 🙂 This weekend though I was staying … Continue reading