Posted in March 2010


>Hello there! I am writing from the lovely city of Boston (Cambridge to be exact) tonight as I’m traveling for work. We just had dinner at this amazingly delicious restaurant called Chez Henri – kind of french cuban cuisine it is considered. I ordered the pan seared trout with langoustine & gremolata, a cauliflower puree, … Continue reading

>Goooo Knicks!

>Happy Thursday! I love thursday because it means the week is almost over but it’s not quite over yet so the weekend anticipation / brain dead feeling that occurs on friday hasn’t hit. This week has been flown by so far since I was traveling for work yesterday and on Tuesdsay I got to go … Continue reading

>Cupcakes are HOT

>Or at least that was the tag line for the Cupcake Workshop 101 that I took on Sunday night at the Institute for Culinary Education. It was a night of learning all about baking, meeting strangers over a common passion, and baking / decorating some delicious things!

>Full Circle

>Looking back on my first post from this blog, and thinking about why I started it in the first place, really makes me feel accomplished regarding what I’ve created here. I was in a “rut” of sorts and just needed to spice things up, so to say; or at least try to put my thoughts … Continue reading


>Do you ever wonder when the time will come when you are ready to settle down, move to the ‘burbs, start cooking dinner for a family every night and seeing your girlfriends once a month when you all get together and sit around reminiscing about our crazy / wild twenties?? While I understand that things … Continue reading