>Goooo Knicks!

>Happy Thursday! I love thursday because it means the week is almost over but it’s not quite over yet so the weekend anticipation / brain dead feeling that occurs on friday hasn’t hit.
This week has been flown by so far since I was traveling for work yesterday and on Tuesdsay I got to go to the Knicks vs. Nuggets game at MSG! The last time I’d been there was actually with my brother and his friends for a Knicks game (yes I spent an evening with some high school boys chauffering them around and had a great time thank you very much). But this time I had better company and ridiculously better seats! We were in the fourth row at center court – aka I didn’t even need my glasses, although they were readily packed in my purse in the horrific event that I would actually need to put them on (Im not the biggest fan of them in case you couldn’t tell).

While the game was fun and all, especially because they WON, I spent most of my time trying to celebrity site. Spotted: Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Capote) and Chloe Sevigny (Big Love) – not to shabby!
Undocumented eats included 2 beers and some chicken fingers. I confess, there was a sushi bar down where we were which I debated but something about sushi at MSG didn’t sit right, not to mention I was at a sports game where it’s kinda an unsaid rule to eat hotdogs and beer!

Do you like going to sporting games?? What do you get to eat when you are there?


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  1. >So fun!I used to go to Knick's games with my dad once a year when I was younger… we always sat in the nosebleed section! When I was in 7th grade, though, I went on a "date" with a boy and both of our dads and we had courtside seats. We sat behind Mark McGrath and Spike Lee… pretty cool! I used to get Cracker Jack.

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