Posted in April 2010

>Beantown Bonanza

>For the past two weeks I have been lucky enough to start traveling for work; while it’s sporadic and short-lived in nature, it’s still an experience in a different city, which I have definitely been looking forward to. The destination: Cambridge, MA! The minute you step into this town I immediately feel smarter. Bordering both … Continue reading

>Ah – Mazing [Grass]

>There is some thing so exciting and tempting about Fridays. The idea that it is almost the weekend, but you still have a little bit of suspense about finishing the day and what is in store. I love it! – well, I would love it a little bit more if it was Friday at 5 … Continue reading

>Happy Birthday Mom!

>I had to go home to CT last night for a rather lame and embarrassing reason (ahem traffic court), but it ended up being perfect because today is my mom’s birthday! So between driving to a no-name town of Lewisboro, pleading down my measly little speeding ticket, and still paying an exorbanent amount of money … Continue reading

>The Dining Room

>Hey there readers! Happy saturday – and seriously what a gorgeous one it is. I’m about to hop on a train back to CT for easter with the family so I’m going to make this quick but since the internet is hit or miss at mi casa I figured I had to squeeze in one … Continue reading

>Cha-Cha-Cha Chia!

>Ever since I joined the blogging community dedicated to health / nutrition / fitness, I have heard gobs of bloggers refer to the amazing taste and benefits of the infamous Chia Seeds. 2 TBS of Chia seeds are jam packed with 7g fiber, 2g protein, 205mg calcium, more Omega-3 than atlantic salmon, more antioxidants than … Continue reading