>Lover of the Arts [& Music]

>Hi-yo! Wow my longest hiatus yet..my apologies. I guess my eats/events lately haven’t been that blog-worthy? On the contrary, I feel like April flewwww and so quickly that I didn’t even have time to take out my camera and document. Luckily, I had my handy dandy photo-taking device this weekend at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival!
Any one who lives in NY knows that there are these random street fairs that pop up on blocks or avenues throughout the summer and feature a plethora of sunglass stations, dress shops, street meat vendors and fried dough concoctions; aka they’re faaabulous. This weekend, hoboken had their own version however it was much larger and more involved: there were art vendors from all over with really nice jewelry and paintings, photographs, signs, the works! Plus the street food – of course:

Sweet potatoes fries sprinkled/doused in cinnamon & sugar. Soo delicious! I kept searching around for the extra crispy ones 🙂

Kebabs! Decided on a chicken kebab with hot sauce. i tried to be bad-ass and it backfired tremendously. Apparently Franks Red Hot is tooo hot for this girl – my lips were on fire! Still, the two bites I had before running for the ice water were very tasty. My first time eating street meat!
It was so hot out that we didn’t last long so a pitcher of red&white sangria was in the near future. mmm mmm