Posted in March 2011

What could be better than…

Eating in Italy? New York City does manage to have a little piece of everything, and their little piece of italian pie under the booming skyline is located at 5th avenue and 23rd at Mario Batali’s creation, Eataly. Eataly is much more than a restaurant or a grocery store, it is literally an experience. The … Continue reading

Spin Revolution!

Have you ever thought about how your actual individual movement in the world is effecting something else? For example, if you cross the street when there is a red light and make a taxi cab slow down, you could have caused them to miss the next green light. Which means they will be behind on … Continue reading

Travel Benefits

One thing about my job that seriously pays off is its flexible schedule. Sometimes it is terrible and I am assumed to be in X city on Y different days for Z amount of weeks at any time, but other days it can be very beneficial. Take today. I am sitting at home on my … Continue reading

Slow start

Welcome to word press indeed! As you can see from my last post I really have not made much progress in trying to get back into the swing of things. There are a few reasons for this. Uploading photos on blogger started to become an increasingly taxing activity that involved multiple computer start-ups and hours … Continue reading