Slow start

Welcome to word press indeed! As you can see from my last post I really have not made much progress in trying to get back into the swing of things. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. Uploading photos on blogger started to become an increasingly taxing activity that involved multiple computer start-ups and hours of loading time. no thank you.
  2. I lost my computer at a whirlwind wedding weekend. Got a new one. Broke the new one the next day by watching it tumble down my apartment stairs. It is currently held together by rubber bands.
  3. Life has definitely dealt me my fair share of lemons the past few months, and I did not held up my end of the bargain by making lemonade but instead let them squirt lemon-juice straight in my eye. With summer coming around and some new active outlooks on life, I’m more than excited to start this blog back up and really focus on what makes me happy and healthy moving forward!

Thanks for logging in and I hope to see much more of you guys throughout the re-birth of Nutmegger moving forward.





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