Spin Revolution!

Have you ever thought about how your actual individual movement in the world is effecting something else? For example, if you cross the street when there is a red light and make a taxi cab slow down, you could have caused them to miss the next green light. Which means they will be behind on all lights moving forward. And then perhaps their passenger was on his/her way to the airport and misses their flight. Your one additional step off that sidewalk just had a strong impact in the world – except you never really new the effect.

My gym has inputted these new spin bikes, where I can literally calculate how much impact my movements have in that 45 minute class. The bikes are Green Revolution, and each person creates watts of energy throughout the class. Those watts are then converted to energy which is then going to power the gym. We are literally running on our own two feet 🙂

By the end of the class I had created 24.3 watts of energy. Honestly, it’s not that good for 45 minutes of cardio, but the teacher was some crazy balding old guy who beat-boxed, rapped, and screamed into the microphone the whole time. Very odd…and distracting.

About to start packing for my overseas travels in 2 two days – how am  I going to get 10 days worth of clothes into 1 carry-on…tips?!!

Have you ever done one of the green revolution spin classes before? Did you like it?