What could be better than…

Eating in Italy? New York City does manage to have a little piece of everything, and their little piece of italian pie under the booming skyline is located at 5th avenue and 23rd at Mario Batali’s creation, Eataly.

Eataly is much more than a restaurant or a grocery store, it is literally an experience. The employees all are incredibly knowledgeable about the food and wine, where it came from, how it was made, and any other minute details that you never knew!

I went tonight to grab some pizza and a glass of wine with my cousin Erin, before departing overseas for another country (Spain!!) tomorrow. Unfortunately the wait for the pizza and pasta restaurant was 45 minutes, so we opted for the cafeteria-esque dining which featured a vegetable side or a fish side. We opted for Le Verdure, ordered a nice glass of wine, and split a special appetizer salad and the Verdure Alla Piastra (warm vegetables and a farro salad). They were all delicous!

Walking around during the wait I snapped a few photos of things going on within Eataly. (warning!! not for the faint of heart – or the real vegetarian…)

I seriously wish this song and dance had occurred tonight though – I would have been in heaven. You never know what you are going to get in New York City….or in Italy 😉