Hola a Barcelona

Buenos dias from Barcelona!

I flew out to Spain with my Mom and Dad on Thursday and have since,

1. met up with my brother at the Barcelona airport

2. proceeded to lost my dad’s jacket in the Barcelona airport (thank the lord he had just taken his passport out – I almost had a heart attack)

3. checked into a nice upgraded suite at Le Meridien on Las Ramblas (thank you job!!)

4. Roamed up and down Las Ramblas, the main tourist drag in the city until my feet swelled and were tired. We went to the Boqueria Market, the city’s most famous market, where the food really is more like art.

5. read and then passed out on our gorgeous sun terrace at the hotel

6. literally pre-gamed with 2 euro wine and warm beer in our hotel room before proceeding to an overly priced dinner that consisted of some standard croquete tapas, a full cheese pizza, and home-made tortellini. traditional spanish meal?

Heading to Malaga tomorrow but just wanted to share a few photos of our excursions.

Hasta luego mi amors

xxo j

ps. does anyone know any tips for good restaurants in sevilla, grananda, marbella? This is the general area that we will be traveling in and I would love to have some great recommendations!


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