Marveling @ Marbella

Since I last wrote, we flew from Barcelona to La Costa del Sol in Spain, where we are staying in a villa down in Miraflores. It’s a nice condo with a definite beachy-feel located among 15,000 similar properties. Miraflores is this sprawling development in the mountains by the water the expands for miles and miles, and there is another one next to it, and next to that, and so on! The weather has been iffy but a few sunny days here and there.

Since Miraflores doesn’t exactly have a town near it, we headed to Marbella about 11 km away for a brisk walk at night and then the most important part, dinner! I spent a little bit trying to look up some good recommendations and came upon a few good yelp reviews for a place called Stuzzikini in the old city of Marbella. I looked up a few places so that we didn’t get stuck wandering aimlessly around a very touristy section of the city, as we did in Barcelona.

Dinner was NOT an epic fail 🙂

A little pre dinner snack complimentary from the waitress definitely got our taste buds going.

Mom’s beef cheek menu item – cooked for over three hours and incredibly tender and delicious.

A little pasta for me but dressed with a black and white truffle oil. Such a different taste and I loooved every bit of it.

Not sure entirely what was in the monstrosity but my brother and dad both cleaned the plate, so it must have been good 🙂

And seriously what has Spain been if not for some late night gelato?? I swear I do have a weak spot for ice cream.

I think we will definitely be making another stop in Marbella for but now – that’s all folks!

Does this count as my Yelp! review??