Posted in May 2011

Atlanta Trails

I’m down in hot and humid ATL this week for work, and man is it H O T. Work was crazy busy but something I have come to realize is that not only is there really always time, but sometimes it even helps, to take some time out of the day and “sweat it out”! … Continue reading

Cheer up Sunshine

Here is a below the waist shot of me walking into my building this morning: And no, those were not originally two-toned pants. Monday mornings, coming into work, in the pouring rain, and then sitting with a heater between your feet for the next 2 hours to dry off the rain-soaked fabric from your legs … Continue reading

Sausage and Sweets

Friday = Date Night! Friday night I trekked into the unknown, please don’t ask where I was, at the request of my very thoughtful bf who politely asked me on a date to a nice portuguese restaurant that he has been to a few times and has loooved, via email. Oh how the pleasantries go … Continue reading

A new kind of Happy Hour

Hey folks! It’s Friiiiday 🙂 Let’s celebrate by heading to the barre! No, I did not fail first grade spelling. I mean, let’s go to the barre…or The Body. I bought a groupon deal a few months ago for a month unlimited at a studio in the Upper East called The Body. The classes are … Continue reading

Did you know

Triva. is. hard. Granted, I have never been particularly good at trivia. I remember texting friends in college who were english majors asking them what that James Joyce novel was called and when it was written. Cheating? More like taking advantage of the technological advances that our society has developed. I think that is using … Continue reading