Finishing Strong

I find that the weekends, with all the relaxation and spare time, prove to be harder for me to get out and go for a run, or sweat at the gym. Is that odd? Apparently, I work better when stressed and crunched for time; but I could have told you that in any interview I had during college…

To try and redeem some of the bad habits that took over this weekend (hello Donut Plant’s chocolate chip cookie donut o.m.g. you have made a massive impact in my life)…

(courtesy of food in mouth)

and skipped to the gym post work and decided to crank out 5 miles.

I took a tip from Angela @ Oh She Glows and took a break in between each miles to get a sip of water and stretch in order to 1. make the run feel shorter and more like just one mile each time and 2. ease myself back into the swing of it.

It looked a little like this:

Mile 0 – .25 walk

Mile .25 – 1 @ 6.0

Mile 1- 2 @ 6.2

Mile 2-3 @ 6.3

Mile 3-4 @ 6.5

Mile 4-4.5 @ 6.0 with 2% incline

Mile 4.5-5 @ 7.0 with 2% incline (plus 8.0 sprint for last .25 miles)

How do you get back into your good habits during the week if you break them on the weekend?? Tips please!