Dishing on Donatella

At least once a week my boyfriend and I try to spend some time together and go on a date. That doesn’t just mean wine and dinner, it means some sort of activity + dinner, like we used to do when we were first getting to know eachother 🙂

This doesn’t always happen because I travel for work, but when I am in town like this week, it’s a must! This week we went to go and see Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I think there are a number of ways to look at this movie and the drug that the main character is taking, but I’m pretty sure it was a link to adderall and an exageration of it’s potential addiction to that type of lifestyle and feeling. At the end of the day, if that drug was real, I’d take it. No judgements…

Afterwards, we headed to Donatella’s on 8th Avenue for some goooood food. I’d read about this place because apparently the pizza is made in gold ovens. How could that be bad!! We split a roasted vegetable salad and then a pizza with sausage, rapini, smoked mozzarella and pecorino cheese. It definitely had a very fresh taste but I think I would have preferred the crust to be a little crispier. It was more soft and breadlike.

Enzo Pizza


While it was all and all a delicious dinner, I think with Keste being a few blocks down and the best pizza in the city (!!) there isn’t a dire need to go back here anytime soon. I wonder what the gold ovens does to the pizza….any thoughts?