Did you know

Triva. is. hard.

Granted, I have never been particularly good at trivia. I remember texting friends in college who were english majors asking them what that James Joyce novel was called and when it was written. Cheating? More like taking advantage of the technological advances that our society has developed. I think that is using my resources wisely, but not cheating πŸ˜‰

Last night my bf and I were not so lucky since we happened to be in a more open space and the waitresses were giving us the evil eye whenever we picked up our phones…just kidding! We thought it would be a better challenge to try and participate in trivia using our own fascinating intellect instead of shazaming the songs that came on and determining the name and artist.

We left halfway through.

Again I repeat, one thing I did know by the end of trivia was that Trivia.is.hard.

Do you know what country boasts the only city that starts with a Q? Who was backed up by the Magicals before going solo in the 1970s? I had nofrigginclue.com

We did manage to have a decent meal for a bar/restaurant. I got the blackened salmon wrap with avocado and tomato with a side salad. It was delicious except that I asked for all dressing on the side and there was definitely some mayo on that sandwich, which I HATE. I know Mayo.is.gross also.

C’est la vie. triva next week will hopefully be easier – but mainly because we are switching locations. Did I mention that last year we went here and won a prize?! …. for lowest score. They dont need our business any more πŸ™‚