A new kind of Happy Hour

Hey folks! It’s Friiiiday 🙂 Let’s celebrate by heading to the barre!

No, I did not fail first grade spelling. I mean, let’s go to the barre…or The Body.

I bought a groupon deal a few months ago for a month unlimited at a studio in the Upper East called The Body. The classes are similar to Physique 57 and The Bar Method, which focus on muscle shaping via the use of isometrics, light weights, and techniques incorporated from Yoga, Pilates and Flexibility Training. I’ve heard great things about these classes, and any workout that I do that involves lots of repetitions and low weight seriously kills my muscles, and feels so good at the same time 🙂

I have been putting off putting this bad boy to use and getting the body because I travel for work and I figured that I would want to be in town for as many days as possible. Unfortunately, the dang thing expires in August and I will be traveling up until then, so, May is the lucky month.


The classes are set up as 55 minutes and SERIOUSLY work your arms, legs, butt, and abs for the whole time. I hope its a good thing to have your muscles shake??! I also like that they focus on stretching in between each section to really elongate the muscles.

I always try to get a spot near the window so that I can people watch while I’m squatting and feeling the burn and half crying…it kind of takes the edge off.

I’ve been trying to go as much as possible hit it up yesterday morning and then tonight post work, before going to the actual bar.

@ Cheslea Brewery for some sunsets and brewskies

You can be the judge of which type of bar you prefer — i’m currently on the fence 🙂

Has anyone ever taken a Physique 57 or Bar Method class? Thoughts?