Sausage and Sweets

Friday = Date Night!

Friday night I trekked into the unknown, please don’t ask where I was, at the request of my very thoughtful bf who politely asked me on a date to a nice portuguese restaurant that he has been to a few times and has loooved, via email. Oh how the pleasantries go đŸ˜‰

Just kidding! It was a very nice night with exciting company and delicious food, which is all that really matters anyways. Am I right?!

To start, they bring you a choice of a plain ol’ bread basket, or a ciabatta bread with chorizo baked into it.

So creative and something I’d never had before. 2 nice big slices later and I was a fan.

Fish was decidedly the protein of the night and it was a good decision.

I got grilled portuguese bass, which came as a whole fish. I thought I was a pro at this technique but unfortunately, little bones in most of my bites stopped me from demolishing the entire plate.

D’s half eaten halibut with lemon sauce was a little too buttery for me – but he seemed to enjoy it:

As we waited for the bill, it is customary to give the patrons a glass of port to sip on and relax before being shooed out the door.

I could get used to this!

For dessert we searched for a “chocolate salami”. I was picturing a literal salami covered in chocolate, and couldn’t understand how that would be tasty in the slightest, however I was soon informed that it is actually a chocolate cake with wafers in it. Where is this delicious sounding sweet!! The search was futile, but gave me something to look forward to in the future.

Portuguese food has definitely topped a new list of favorites – along with date nights in general. Hooray for the weekend!