Posted in June 2011

Brief Chicago Snapshots

The other week I made it to Chicago for the weekend to visit  some good college friends and celebrate birthdays and Nursing school graduations. The weekend was chock full of celebrating, diplomas, flowers, party buses, dancing, laughs, and cuddles on the couch đŸ™‚ I managed to come away with these two photos: Saturday night my … Continue reading

Follow the Chocolate Path

Monday night I was invited to a Chocolate Tasting with a few of my co-workers out in New Jersey @ the chocolate path. My boss occassionally will surprise a few of us on his project with a little secret treat called Salty Dog Bites. They are bite-sized pieces of dark chocolate with toffee and sea … Continue reading

A Lot on Tap

Yes there is a lot running through my mind today, but no, that is not what the title stands for. A new beer garden has opened up in my neighborhood! For those non-beer lovers out there, you should just skip through this post because unfortunately for you, I tend to be a genuine lover of … Continue reading

Staying Healthy on the Go

First things first… It’s amazing how fast time flies and how you can get so wrapped up in little things, and not make time for something on your mind all the time, such as, this blog. I have been traveling to Atlanta during the week and between packing and re-packing my suitcase, sitting on runways, … Continue reading