Staying Healthy on the Go

First things first…

It’s amazing how fast time flies and how you can get so wrapped up in little things, and not make time for something on your mind all the time, such as, this blog. I have been traveling to Atlanta during the week and between packing and re-packing my suitcase, sitting on runways, flying 10,000 miles high, and just trying to be I have let my upkeep of this site go by the way-side. Ironically, most things I do during the day come with a sidebar of how I could write this up in my blog! Go figure…

One of the topics that has been on my mind most frequently is how the [heck] can you stay healthy traveling every week? Or even just traveling for leisure? In my opinion, it is definitely harder, especially if you are traveling with a work crew that consists of quick/free hotel breakfasts, cafeteria lunches, and 5 course dinners (with drinks). What can and can’t I do that won’t make me look like a freak or pain in the neck to my co-workers?

Being down in Atlanta at first made me nervous. The south! All I think about is fried chicken, biscuits and gravy for breakfast. While that isn’t completely the case, I have found, Chik-Filet is abundant around every corner. And very frequently visited by the locals 😉

Still, I have found a few little niche things that make this traveling trip [almost] fun!

First –> Breakfast

I used to big, hearty, full bowls of oatmeal with fruit and flax, protein powder and peanut butter galore. But with the warmer weather and perhaps a bit of an overkill on oats (gasp!) I have moved on to a new and almost better comfort food…


Green smoothies to be exact (although any would ticke my fancy I’m sure). Minor problem, however, sans blender in my hotel room, how am I going to do this?

I discovered a few little gems down in Atlanta and have been utilizing them to the max. I’m sure that anywhere else that you go that is a little more urban would have something of this nature:

Whole Foods Fresh Juice in the AM

Juice Blends of the Day

You can make almost any combination that you want, but I opted for somehting close to my usual which included Spinach, Celery, Parsley and Lemon, with an Apple. Delicious and only~$4

Menu Options”]

 Additionally, I found this brand called Arden’s Garden. Arden’s Garden is an Atlanta juiemaker and they make a fresh variety of juices each day and deliver them all over the city, including Wholefoods, publix, and Kroger. They have fruit juices, live juices, veggie juices, and wheatgrass options. I’ve been opting for the Veggie Juices and Picked up a Green Energy machine the other day. Not only do the ingredients simple: cucumbers, celery, apple, ginger, spinach and parsley. But they also describe the benefits of this type of drink.
Cucumbes act as a diuretic, ginger improves digestion, spinach can reduce heart disease, etc. etc. until you have not reason NOT to drink this thing!
Moral of the story is while traveling is not ideal for a healthy diet, it can be done! I challenge you to find a healthy alternative on your next trip. I’m going to Chicago this weekend and will definitley have my work cut out for me…wish me luck!
Do you have any travel tips that you’ve caught onto over the past years? Share!

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