A Lot on Tap

Yes there is a lot running through my mind today, but no, that is not what the title stands for.

A new beer garden has opened up in my neighborhood! For those non-beer lovers out there, you should just skip through this post because unfortunately for you, I tend to be a genuine lover of outdoor beer drinking, grilling, sitting in the sun, micro-brews, etc. All the things that summer reminds me of 🙂

And now, there is a huge place to revel in all of my favorite things just 8 short blocks away! Stand clear and make room – I will be there multiple times this summer. Promises, promises…

The high line is a new “park” of sorts that has opened along the west side highway, but it is usually teaming with tourists and not exactly the most relaxing of places to be. Apparently, for this summer only, underneath the high line (which is an old, raised railroad track) a lot capable of holding 350 beer lovers such as myself will be opening!  (photos from urbandaddy.com)


However, this is no ordinary beer garden. It is going to have food trucks from some of the most well-known restauranteurs in the business: CoolHaus, Kelvin Natural Slush Company, and more.

Stay tuned for some real live action photos and if you live in NY I definitely recomend paying a visit – especially to stay away from the massive line curving its way down the west side highway at the Frying Pan.