Follow the Chocolate Path

Monday night I was invited to a Chocolate Tasting with a few of my co-workers out in New Jersey @ the chocolate path. My boss occassionally will surprise a few of us on his project with a little secret treat called Salty Dog Bites. They are bite-sized pieces of dark chocolate with toffee and sea salt. As discussed, ad nauseum at work the other day, the chocolate – salt ratio are pretty much perfect :). Apparently, you can purchase them at The Chocolate Path!

Needless to say my excitement was through the roof for this kind of event. 7 courses of chocolate + post tasting shopping + raging hormones = pure bliss

First, we learned about where chocolate comes from.

cacoa bean

cacoa bean

Yes they can actually grow to be that big!! Once split open, the seeds are what eventually will be milled and fermented (unless it’s raw chocolate) to make the thing we know and love.

Truffle & Port

Did you know that truffles were invented by the French? When they were originally invented, the shape and texture was not smooth and round as we know them to be now. Instead, they greatly resembled a truffle mushroom – hence, the name.

See we are all very interested 🙂  [side note: such an unfortunate photo of this woman – sorry!]

Next up -> drinking chocolate…

Chocolate was originally ground and made into a drink by the Mayans and Aztecs but it was mixed with water and maiz. This thin, savory drink apparently gave the warriors lots of energy and stamina. Montezuma was said to drink this in mass quantities and then take on multiple lovers and stay up all night long…if you catch my drift 😉

The drink eventually made its way to Europe where it was concocted into a much thicker, sweeter treat.


Last but not least, we learned how to eat chocolate and really taste the difference. 4 different types of chocolate from Honduras, Venezuela, Philipines, and ____ (I can’t remember). All about the same % of dark chocolate but it was AMAZING how different they all taste.

Chocolate is alot like wine. Run it with your fingers for touch. Then smell as you have just released the aroma. Then put it in your mouth but DONT chew. Flavors will start to come out that you never knew were there!

Overall a delicious and great idea to do with some girlfriends! And you get some awesome treats at the end …. my house will not be out of chocolate for a while so no complaints here.

Bon Appetit!