Brief Chicago Snapshots

The other week I made it to Chicago for the weekend to visit  some good college friends and celebrate birthdays and Nursing school graduations. The weekend was chock full of celebrating, diplomas, flowers, party buses, dancing, laughs, and cuddles on the couch 🙂

I managed to come away with these two photos:

Saturday night my new friend/Master Nurse Carly’s parents took myself and 23 other lucky attendees to a family style dinner at Wildfire Steakhouse. This was a plate of cheesecake, that was devoured between our table of ladies. And I don’t even like cheesecake…man was this good.

After dinner, and open bar  1-2 glasses of wine we headed to a bar in Old Towne (I think – Chicago confuses me!) and proceeded to dance dance daaaance

See you next year chicago. Don’t forget about me.