Fish ‘n Chips ‘n Vinegar vinegar vinegar…

I can’t believe it is already almost mid july! There summer is sweltering hot, I’ve been to one live concert, and I’ve gotten a few days of beach time in so I can’t complain about the events of this summer so far.

I also have managed to indulge in some pleasant city activities that have been on my “Honey Do” list for years [or at least what feels like that long]. Ever since discovering La Isla’s absolutely amazing most incredible breakfast / dessert treat in the world Stuffed French Toast by watching Bobby Flays Throwdown, I’m pretty much convinced that that show picks the best of the best in food culinary as Mr. Flay tries to out-grill/stuff/sautee/whatever the original creator.

A while back I saw an episode where Fish ‘n Chips was the meal of choice, and the top contender was a restaurant in the West Village called A Salt & Battery.

Clearly they had more than just your standard fish ‘n chips…

D and I opted for the typical order. Since apparently they don’t get cod here (which I couldn’t figure out) the fish most commonly used is Pollock. We took our two orders of fried pollock and chips to the West Side Highway where we enjoyed a bottle of wine in plastic cups and chowed down on fried food with plastic silverware. You know me, always the classy gal šŸ˜‰

Complete with tartar sauce and malt vinegar


There was a absolutely gorgeous sunset that night (ps New York has been having the most glorious sunsets – most picture to follow of the sky on the fourth of july – stay posted!)

Can’t wait to enjoy more of this summer weather and cool nights!


DISCLAIMER: While I know you are thinking how nice this night looks and whatĀ a cute little date this must beĀ  ; ) I have to be honest when I say that it was not hitch-free. Typically while sitting on the ground in a park, eating picnic style, one might see a cute squirrel run by with an acorn clutched in its paws, or birds flying all around trying to grab some leftover french fry. We were not short of both of these wilderness treats, but with the addition of one I had not expected…rats. yes, you read that correctly. Rats. Running in and out of the bushes behind us playing hide and go seek. It was disgusting. My meal was relatively ruined needless to see.

Ohh new york..

At least they’re in the park and not in my apartment ??