Pizza on the Barbi

Cheers to another belated post on my part. I swear I used to consider myself a prompt and efficient person until this blog [attempted to] become part of my daily routine.

Have you ever made pizza on the grill? I never had but an intense craving for pizza and a small budget haunting my existance, this seemed to be the best option. Homemade pizza. ūüôā

I find that whenever I make dinner, breakfast, or lunch for that matter, with my¬†excellent and adorable cook of a bf, I find that some sort of meat is always included. Taylor Ham/egg & cheese sandwiches, chicken ceasar salads, steak and potatoes. There is definitely no shortage. However, making your own pizza’s can easily fit the bill for both parties, if you are feeling a little more on the veggie side that particular night, as I sure was. Also, I’ve been trying to stay away from cheese if I don’t reeeeally want it or if it’s just included in a meal so pizza at a restaurant definitley isn’t the best option. But a typical lactose-intolerant pizza was what I opted for. So delicious, and exactly what I was craving!

Next time you fire up the grill think about all the crazy things that you could throw on that fire!

What is your favorite thing to grill?

 Homemade His/Hers Pizza

1 Whole Wheat Trader Joe’s pizza crust


Pizza Sauce

Oregano seasoning

Her Side:

7 artichoke hearts (split in half)

1/2 cup spinach

Fresh tomato slides

His Side

1 link Hot italian spicy sausage

1/2 cup spinach

Fresh mozzarella cheese

Fresh tomato slices


Cover a rolling pin (or in my case we were sans some kitchen utensils so a wine bottle worked just perfectly) in flour and roll out the pizza dough to the shape that you would like or until the dough is to the thickness that you’d prefer. I’m an east coast girl to the core, so that thick crust pizza junk is something you’ll never see me digging my teeth into.

Put the plain pizza dough on the grill for about 5 minutes or so, until it is hard. You do not want this to burn because it is going to be back on in a few minutes.

 Take the dough off the grill and then cover it in pizza sauce. On the left side add the cooked sausage pieces, mozzarrella slices, fresh tomato, and spinach. On the right side add the halved artichoke hearts, fresh tomato slices, and spinach. Dust with a sprinkling of oregano seasoning and throw back on the grill. Cook until the pizza crust looks browned and the cheese looks melted (if you used it). A good indicator is when the pizza sauce starts to bubble.

Take off the grill and let cool.

Slice and enjoy with a nice book and some sangria!