Posted in September 2011

All together now

Last night I skipped home from work, dreaming about the delicious squash that was sitting in my fridge just begging to be cut, thrown in the oven and then picked apart to create Spaghetti Squash!!! I was so excited. Over vacation this past weekend in Nantucket, D and I went to Black Eyed Susan’s for dinner. … Continue reading

Rub Down

When I think of a good massage, I think of me, a spa, lavender oil, and heaaaven. I’ve always said that my husband will be a massage therapist (take notes). I never thought of a kale however. Last night, I gave a whole bunch of a kale a good long rub down. Just as an … Continue reading


If you live in NY or if you ever plan on visiting, one recommendation that I have for you (among many others that I have mentioned on this blog) is to visit my favorite bakery, Babycakes. Babycakes is the friggin cutest little vegan bakery in the Lower East Side. They make vegan or gluten-free muffins, … Continue reading

Quick and Painless

I have a phobia about eating  past 8 pm. Well, technically that’s not entirely true, but I definitely get cranky, and you definitley don’t want to get in the way of me and the fridge at 7:50. 😉 Last night I grabbed drinks with a new friend at Almond in Flatiron district. I’ve walked by this … Continue reading

Once in a lifetime event

The concert I went to last night was described as a “Once in a Lifetime” event. It seemed that many people around me had seen this man perform multiple times, or had been to Central Park for an outdoor show before, however I have never had the privilege to do either, so last night could … Continue reading