Once in a lifetime event

The concert I went to last night was described as a “Once in a Lifetime” event. It seemed that many people around me had seen this man perform multiple times, or had been to Central Park for an outdoor show before, however I have never had the privilege to do either, so last night could indeed be categorized as a once in a lifetime event for me!

I miraculously (thanks liz!!) came across 2 VIP tickets to last night’s Andrea Bocelli Concert in Central Park with the Philharmonic Orchestra. The event was hosted by Barilla, so immediately upon entering we were greeted with some giant Barilla bags filled with Bento Boxes of pasta and tomatoes, proscuitto and fresh parmesan, a mesclun green salad, and some [aweeeesome] little cookies. I wish I had a photo of these but they looked like oreos, however upon attempting to have a twist war, we found they refused to come apart. 😦 oh well! Guess I just had to eat the whole thing….

Andrea Bocelli did not perform alone the whole night however. He had multiple guests, most of whom I was unfamiliar with except for one lovely lady from Canada..Celine Dion!! I felt like Kate Hudson in the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” who drags her bf to a Celine Dion concert and he wants to claw his eyes out – except minus any negative feelings. The boys loved it 😉

Another addition to the amazing onstage ensemble was Tony Bennett!

New York, New York may have been one of my favorite songs that was sung that night – especially with the awesome beating heart that came down from the top of the stage. Rock on Tony Bennett, rock on.

Amazing night with amazing music, oh ya and did I mention it was 47 degrees last night and raining!! I almost forgot…

Looking forward to more central park concerts in the future! Enjoy the weekend everybody.