Rub Down

When I think of a good massage, I think of me, a spa, lavender oil, and heaaaven. I’ve always said that my husband will be a massage therapist (take notes).

I never thought of a kale however. Last night, I gave a whole bunch of a kale a good long rub down. Just as an FYI, kale is a type of cabbage which is extremely high in beta carotene, vitamin k, vitamin c, lutein, zeaxanthin, and rich in calcium. Not to mention, when chopped it can have major cancer-fighting potential. I.e. it’s a kick butt kinda veggie 🙂

I took a whole bunch of kale and held onto the stem and pulled all the leaves off into a large bowl.

Squeezed 1 full lemon into the bowl. Cut up 1 avocado and put it into the bowl as well.

Then, I got right up in that bowl of kale and rubbed those leaves and squeezed the avocado into the leaves for a good 10 minutes.

By tomorrow it should be a lot softer and easier to eat.

Super simple and only 3 ingredients!