Posted in October 2011

Fast Track to Philly

Typically I am in Philadelphia Tues – Thursday for work, but this week I luckily got out of NY and missed the Halloween Day Parade that would have taken over, and hopped on the train this morning. I picked up a Green Love juice from Organic Avenue yesterday and sipped it on the train. Not … Continue reading


I’m not a big Halloween-er (if that is a word). I dislike spending cash-money on a costume that I will wear once. I dislike having pounds of chocolate haunting my every turn (slash secretly love). And I especially dislike New York City on this holiday. It’s impossible to get a cab or to get into … Continue reading

October 29th

..and it’s snowing.   What the heck is going on here!? And where did fall go 😦

What made me travel to Brooklyn..

I occasionally sit and think about that Sex and the City episode where the girls are sitting around drinking Manhattans and wishing Miranda bon voyage as she ventures out into the unknown, never to be seen again…Brooklyn. (Clearly there are lots of things going through my head on a daily basis.) Yes I do live … Continue reading

Cuckoo for Coconuts

This is coconut water. Doesn’t look like Vita-Coco does it? Ya no…this is real life coconut water. From a real life coconut. And it tasted like crap. And to address that perplexed look that has suddenly creeped onto all of your faces, yes that is a screwdriver and no it was not for tightening my … Continue reading