San Diaaaagooo

Good day all!!

Technically, I think I think I can still say good day considering it is 5:21 PM as I write this post – instead of saying “good evening” since it is 8:21 back home on the East Coast. I was the lucky winner of a trip to San Diego this week for work. Now you might be thinking “Huh? Work? How is this a good thing?” Trust me ladies and gentlemen, working in an office with a view of the ocean and going to lunch with this kind of view

 is entirely more enjoyable. This is the view from Georges at the Cove restaurant in La Jolla, where we ate lunch today.

Let me be entirely clear, traveling for work is a complete catch-22 for me. I love visiting other cities and seeing places I’ve never been or friends I haven’t spoken to in a while, however, I really struggle with eating on the road. Give me a Top Chef, local ingredients, and an open wine list = Heaven. Unfortunately, by the 4th day and the second skirt suit I brought in my carry-on is calling for me to not zip it all the way, and “San Diego- we have a problem”.

Last night my manager and I may or may not have put back 2 bottles a bottle of wine and went to bed way past my bed time (hey midnight here is technically 3 am at home..). Peeling my eyes open this morning and focusing on the open bag of teddy grahams by my bedside [where have these been??] made me think about today’s choices a little differently. And that’s what life’s all about right? Eating good food. Drinking good wine. Learning new things. Like how much a good sweat-session in the gym can fix a hangover? I feel smarter already.

Bfast on the road is super tricky and the free apples at the W AIN’T cutting it I say. My stomach is growing by 10:30. Today I munched on a bagel as well but wasn’t really feeling it. Where are my NY bagels!!?

Lunch at Georges at the Cove Ocean Terrace was de-lish by the time noon rolled around.

Life is to be enjoyed. And if you want to go somewhere for a while and remind yourself of that simple truth, this is a pretty nice place to do it.


I picked at the Cevice Special – mostly the avocado.

and then for my main course ordered the Farro Salad with grilled zucchini, asparagus, roasted beets, cherry tomatoes, shrimp, marinated feta and olives (I didn’t eat the feta or olives). It was amazing. I ‘ve been trying to eat more whole grains and farro had a really nice taste to it!


And it was pretty.

Lunch was topped off by playing with the seals.

And i’m back to the daily grind. Not a bad work-ation if I do say so myself.