Molding A Healthy Lifestyle

Ever heard of the online newsletter Well+Good? Their articles have been adding knowledge to my junked-up inbox for only a few weeks, but I’ve already scored tips on new workout classes in the city, heathy recipes, and as of this saturday a free afternoon of being molded into a sweaty, enthusiastic, and wiser gym-rat.

When Well+Good sent me my subscribed email mentioning an all afternoon free event at Clay Gym and Spa, I was shocked at the response time I managed to achieve and signed up for the cycling class at 2:30. Upon arriving to this union square temple, I was kindly given a tour of the facilities

, including the roof top deck:

And then tried my hardest not to laugh when they explained the cost per month to join this “resort”. I think NYSC will do just fine.

I succeeded in creating a pool of sweat under my spin bike after this kick-butt cycling class that lasted an hour, and then sat around afterwards and noshed on a few of the snacks they had out including a turkey + apple roll up and a mango smoothie

A very nice lady gave some very nice spiel about skin care before and after a workout, and provided some very nice samples πŸ™‚ I think that washing off my makeup pre-workout might scare a few people, but at least I wouldn’t have to deal with my non-waterproof mascara running down my face after the treadmill.

I’m currently sitting an noshing on some of the Clay trail mix prepping for the craziness in the week ahead and hoping this dark chocolate will give me extra energy πŸ˜‰


Workout plan for the week:

Monday: Circuit of Change Bootcamp class AM

Tuesday: PM easy run

Wednesday: AM Core / Upper Body / 30 min interval run

Thursday: AM easy run

Friday: yoga

Saturday / Sunday : alternate spin + lower body or off

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