What made me travel to Brooklyn..

I occasionally sit and think about that Sex and the City episode where the girls are sitting around drinking Manhattans and wishing Miranda bon voyage as she ventures out into the unknown, never to be seen again…Brooklyn. (Clearly there are lots of things going through my head on a daily basis.)

Yes I do live in Manhattan, but I am definitely not one of these people that thinks other Boroughs are less than stellar. In fact, every time I have gone out to Brooklyn I think how funky it is and how many amazing restaurants there are and unique shops and how I wish I would go out more often. I’ve gone out there twice.

It’s faaaar! Needless to say, I made the trek on the C train this past weekend for one things that I cannot find in Manhattan.


Yes yes I know, almonds are everywhere. But not cheap, deliciously crunchy, varieties of which I can buy by the pound. There is a store on Atlantic Avenue that I discovered during the Atlantic Antic street fair last year (trip 1 to brooklyn), and it is seriously a gem. The name is Sahidis. I went all the way out there on sunday to refill on almonds, and then was left shamlessly banging on the door when I discovered it was closed on Sundays.

I am not one to be couped up on a dingy subway on a gorgeous day for nothing! No siree!

Instead, I made a day of it, and ventured to the NJ Transit museu (ha oh the irony.)

I would not consider myself to be a museum person in the slightest, but this one was highly interesting! Did you know…

After walking in and out of old subway cars all afternoon, D and I headed to DeKalb market – an outdoor market that I heard about a few streets away where they have turned old shipping containers into store fronts.

The tea store pictured above steeps tea by using sunlight instead of hot water.

I fueled up with a green juice from Nile Valley and then roamed the shops. I think this drink made me forget about my almond mishap.

Until next time Brooklyn…I still need those nuts.