I’m not a big Halloween-er (if that is a word). I dislike spending cash-money on a costume that I will wear once. I dislike having pounds of chocolate haunting my every turn (slash secretly love). And I especially dislike New York City on this holiday.

It’s impossible to get a cab or to get into a bar. That being said, I had preplanned to hightail it out of this city as soon as I could – barring that insane weather! The world is coming to an end I’m really starting to believe it…but that’s a completely different discussion for a different time…

All that put aside – I will have to admit that I had forgotten how fun it was to dress up! Even though I stuck strong to my “no spending precious $$” mantra, I had a good time putting on bright red lipstick and applying shine, curls and copious amounts of hairspray to my locks.

Enter Mad-Men inspired costume attempt:

And that burly looking young man is a lumberjack. I tried to get him to go for the sophisticated, slick looking young ad execs look from the TV show, but I think this is more his style 😉

After enjoying myself last night via a few cold beers and a few multiple candy corn shaped sugar cookies, I’m understanding the word Halloween might have multiple meanings. Read: the “oww” might have a slightly higher emphasis this morning.

I’m currently watching Disturbia (heeeeeyy Shia) and hydrating like crazy.

Happy Halloween!