Always Sunny

What a gorgeous day it was in Philadelphia today!

I snapped this while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on my way into work this morning. I seriously contemplated pulling over while my eyes were fluttering closed during this frickin slow trip. Do you ever get nervous falling asleep at the wheel?! Typically I don’t drive to work, so this is a new-found phenomena that I don’t think is helped by listening to NPR at 7 am.

Not to mention my stomach was growling the whole ride after my kick butt workout this morning as planned:

1 mile @ 7.0

10 minutes @ 5.0 incline

1 mile @ 7.3

10 minutes @ 6.0 incline

1 mile @ 7.5

10 minutes @ 7.0 incline

Lean Arms workout


I snacked on some berries during the ride but I had been planning to save them for this awesome treat that I came across last night at the grocery store. Since I’ve given up most dairy for skin purposes, I really don’t miss it…except for yogurt. I kind of miss mixing berries and crumbled up granola or Larabars into my greek yogurt as a nice snack or cold breakfast. And last night I found this…

Almond milk yogurt! Needless to say I was pumped. I considered opening it up on the highway and just taking it down like a drink. But I refrained ๐Ÿ˜‰

Feedback? it was pretty nasty. I basically took a few spoonfuls of the lumpy, artifically flavored mixture and called it quits. It could have been because it had just been unrefrigerated for 1 hour in the car, but I’m not sure any sort of temperature could have saved that thing. Have any of you tried this?? Let me know what you think!

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  1. Have you tried organic Goat’s Milk yogurt? It’s creamy, smooth but still thick. Tastes delicious. The protein’s in it are way easier to digest than cow’s milk. No added hormones, etc. that could contribute to skin problems. My skin is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

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