m & w

Today was full of great things.

I held a live lobster.


And then proceeded to watch my co-workers eat it, slathered in butter at Mortons the steakhouse in King of Prussia mall. Poor little guy… 😦 

I knew I wanted to get to the gym post dinner so I opted for a rather lighter option, at the risk of being mocked by my lobster chomping friends, and got a beefsteak tomato salad with onions and vinagrette on the side. And some sauteed brussel sprouts sans bacon. It was delicious and filling. Veggies won this battle hands down.

I hit up the gym while watching The Biggest Loser. Talk about motivation. Does anyone else get teary eyed watching those contestants read letters from their family?! I cried on the treadmill.

And then the highlight of the night ended with Wegmans.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to shop at this grocery store from another world, I suggest hopping in your car at this very moment and driving to Philadelphia immediately. No questions.

Have you ever been to Wegmans or do you have another favorite grocery store that could occupy your time for hours? Can grocery shopping be considered a hobby…? hmm 🙂