Healthy Travel Tip 1

For any newbies out there who haven’t read about what I do or what my life is like, I tend to be on the road, living in and out of hotels, at least 3 days a week. While I am not flying, I am taking trains, driving rental cars, and making new friends with the concierge in Philadelphia, PA 🙂

I don’t harp on my travel too much, because I have learned to enjoy it and find some fun little stops in Philadelphia that serve fresh food and creative treats. But that is a discussion for another time..

While eating out and on the road can be really difficult, you never know what is in the food you are eating and you can’t find certain things that you want, I do think there are some tricks that I’m going to start sharing with you all!


I prefer going to grocery stores at night and picking up my own food for dinner or to bring for lunch the next day. Note: office cafeterias are sick and repeatitive so I’d prefer to make something of my own. The only trouble is that buying hummus and leaving it my bag over night does not make the best alternative the next morning. Most hotels do not have refrigerators in the rooms, however, you typically can ask for one! It may seem like a production but they can easily bring up a mini-fridge and plug it into your room if you call ahead of time.

Alternatively, most hotels have a mini-bar. We all know what this is. Its the area you dread the most because you’ll typically find me cross-legged in front of the fridge sipping on a plastic glass of wine and popping peanut M&Ms. I usually ask them to lock it up.

I kid. I kid…

But really, this mini-bar might actually be your savior. Take out all of the sodas in the top row and then you have space for your items! ITs genius really.

There you can see my container of salsa, carrot sticks, and a Very Green juice from Trader Joe’s. There – right about the Heineken..

The next morning, if you see these mini-bar items on your bill, you can easily walk down to the front desk and ask them to remove them. Just flash a smile and bat an eyelash at your new concierge friend and you’re golden 😉

Stay tuned for future travel tips each week!


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