Thursday Date Night

Yesterday was one of those looooong days. I started with a 4 mile run with a co-worker around the suburbs of Philadelphia. Man – the temperature has finally started dropping!

Since I can’t have my green smoothies while I’m on the road, I am always on the hunt for a juice bar or something similar. While generally I don’t advocate drinking pre-packaged green drinks at the supermarket since they are pasteurized and void of all the nutrients that you would get if you made a drink at home, I did find this smoothie at Whole Foods that was so different!


The ingredients looked fresh and it was of a smoothie consistency and so good! Although my co-workers officially think I’m a freak 🙂 Does anyone have any insight as to whether this packs the same benefits as making them at home??

After busting my butt all day long and running around in absurd time crunches, plus driving to 30th street, taking the train home and walking in heels (where are the cabs these days!!?) back to my apartment, I was exhausted and in desperate need of a drink.

Hellloooo bf 🙂

I headed to Hoboken for a quick dinner at Zafra’s before the Jets game started at 8:20 and D was busy for the night. Ahh men.

Zafra’s is a Cuban restaurant in Hoboken that was actually where D and I had our first date – which happened to be on Valentine’s day. The place looked a little different without cutout hearts and lights all over the place, but it was still homey and delicious, as I remembered. It is also, BYOB. That is seriously one of the best things about Hoboken. There are so many BYO places which saves lots of $$ when out to dinner.

I had the Vegetarian platter which consisted of rice, yuca, plantains and KALE! So delicious.

D decided on the Cerdo Brujo con Yuca. It was roasted pork marinated in a cuban all-spice cumin adobo. Whoa. This had major taste that was cinnamony and just delicious.

Working from home tomorrow so stay tuned for a new recipe!