Is it vacation yeeet!!

The two days leading up to a holiday, vacation, break from work, birthday, random thursday where I run out to go shopping for an hour to a dentist appointment, always seem to drag don’t they? The subways are already insanely crowded, people are pushing you around to make sure they don’t miss their train or to beat you in line for their morning double foam dirty chai latte with two espresso shots, and all I want to do is be home curled up on my couch watching reruns of Charlie Browns Christmas and sipping hot chocolate. is that so wrong?

 A little recap of my night: my team was in town for a quick meeting so a few of us headed out to Kellari for dinner, which is a great little greek restaurant near my office. I had originally planned to head to the gym so I made dinner a bit on the lighter side with a greek salad, grilled calamari and Horta (steamed wild greens). Horta is a stable in the Greek diet and super high in Omega-3s – just FYI!

While the food was good, it was definitely not hte highlight. They were filming Real Housewives of NY there! Talk about being completely underdressed and out of place. It was a joke. But it was entertaining and a caught a nice glimpse of the Countess and Ramona.



Mmhmm. those eyes are not exaggerated…What a strange life it would be to have cameras follow you around and film your actions. Would you want this kind of life? Sometimes I think I would, and then seeing it in action and all of them with so much makeup, plastic surgery, fixing every aspect of their hair and clothes before walking on “Set”, I just think I would crash and burn in my own anxiety…I much prefer my little apartment and bargain shopping at Forever 21 🙂

In order to ensure I escaped this morning funk I headed to the gym bright and early this morning (circa 530) and busted out a nice workout to get those endorphins pumping before a day in the chair at my cube.

HIIT Workout

  • 5 minute warm up / run to gym
  • 20 minutes: 9.5 for 20 seconds, 4.5 for 40 seconds
  • 5 minute jog @ 6.5
  • 8 minute walk @ 3.5, incline 10
  • 4 minute cool down

Followed up with some plank and ab work.

Since I got such an early start, lunch is a mini treat today so I’ll share the recipe for a delicious dressing in a bit!


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    • I’ve never even been to Greece – but am dying too and am sure I would literally soak myself in olive oil while there. I’m sure the food is delicious!

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