Jump Start Your Morning

Ahh Wednesday 🙂

It is Wednesday right?

I came out to Philly a day earlier than I normally do so my entire week is completely thrown off..

Today’s post is about something that I have recently discovered that is so completely simple, but has completely altered the way the rest of my day pans out. MORNING ROUTINES.  We all have them. Maybe it’s brushing your teeth 100 times, taking your dog on a walk, and pouring a hot cup of coffee while reading the Times. Or maybe it’s flicking the lights on and off 10 times and organizing all your coffee cups to face NE . We all have our things.

When I’m on the road, my routine is pretty simple. Depending on any morning meetings I typically:

  • wake up around 5:45 am
  • workout for 1 – 1.5 hours
  • blog 
  • Coffee/breakfast in the hotel and get ready
  • go to work
  • go to dinner
  • blog
  • bed

It’s pretty tame. That’s how I like it.

But one addition/alteration that I have made recently has been regarding my morning routine. I’ll still go to the gym in the am, because lord knows what event your co-workers will drag you to post-work, but instead of an early morning coffee, I have opted for this really radical thing!

Hot water with lemon.

Starting your morning off with some hot water and lemon will ensure that you are starting the day off well-hydrated, vs coffee which is achieve the opposite. Additionally, citrus is high in Vitamin C which will help to flush out your system. [Note, if you take any probiotics or supplements in the morning, follow this mixture with regular fresh water].

I use the hotel room’s coffee maker to heat up some water and just add a little lemon that I picked up at Whole Foods across the street. As I mentioned in my travel tip last week, using the hotel room’s fridge to store some of your own snacks is key! It’s so much better than ordering room service or the mini-bar. Trust. Too many late night shortbread cookies have attacked me circa 9 pm.

This morning I hit up the gym, as per my usual routine, and completed the following workout which I found on Julie’s blog:

5 minute warmup

  • 50 tricep dips
  • 2×25 bicep curls (15 lbs)
  • 2 x 100 crunches
  • 30 swans
  • 2×30 straddle side leans
  • 20 pushups

2 miles (start at 6.0 and increase by 1.0 each .2 m)

1 mile (start at 7.0 and increase by 1.0 each .1 m)

Now I’m back at the hotel getting ready, blogging, and sipping on some hot tea with lemon. Radical ideas just rock my world 😉

What are your morning routines?