White Dog

Why are Justin Bieber’s pants falling off of him? #rockefellertreelighting

Sorry – distracted. But no – really? I like that teen heartthrob as much as the next person but come on, pull up your pants!

I just got back from dinner at The White Dog in Wayne, PA. This restaurant focuses on american, clean cuisine and environmental sustainability so I was a big two thumbs up!

Since I wasn’t that hungry I opted for no appetizer and a beet salad (sans creme fraise)

with a side of brussel sprouts in maple syrup

Simple but delicious 🙂

We did get treated to a nice amuse bouche of mozzerella, kalamata olives, and tomatoes

While it can be hard to go to dinner with co-workers alot, I find it helps to sip on water or hot tea during the appetizer section and then get an appetizer / side hen everyone has their entree. I wouldn’t normally eat a three course meal for dinner! I always just keep in mind that eating out right now isn’t a special occassion – this is just dinner on the road. it helps to keep meal portions and choices in perspective.

Now back to watching the Rockefeller Tree Lighting and drooling over JBieber. He can wear whatever he wants if a serenade is included. I’m good.

Ahh it’s december!!

Who is your favorite performer at the tree lighting? Do you even watch??


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  1. I actually really like getting appetizers when I eat out… I think they’re usually so much more creative than the main dishes! I like to think the chef makes the food tastier when they’re having fun 😀

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