Posted in December 2011

Santa Came!

Christmas has been a whirlwind. But it isn’t over yet. I’ve been staying busy with cookie making parties, trips to the local yoga studio, gluten-free cupcake baking (recipe to come), wrapping and re-wrapping presents galore, and returning from a well-intentioned, relaxing yet not entirely successful ski trip to Hunter mountain. Heading to Philadelphia tomorrow for … Continue reading

In honor of hump day

In honor of hump day, which was yesterday, I dedicated my workout this morning to…the bootaaay. Morning workout went a little something like this: .5 m @ 7.0 50 walking lunges .5 m @7.1 50 walking lunges .5 m @ 7.2 50 walking lunges .5 m @ 7.3 50 walking lunges .5m @ 7.4 50 … Continue reading


I promise that my new job occupation is not to become a restaurant critic. But I do secretly like it. My team made impromtu dinner plans last night at Supper, a farm-to-table restaurant in Society Hill within Philadelphia. As I’m sure you know, I am a major fanatic of restaurants that support local farms and … Continue reading

Holiday Dinner v2

4 days and counting. No, my math is not off. This countdown is just until I get to go home and play with my dogs, and bake with my mom, and be on vacation! 4 days… Alas, today is only Tuesday and I am currently on my way to philly, as per usual. But not … Continue reading

Big Moments

Yesterday was full of a little of this  (walking around) Alot of this, ten minutes of this and a night of this  (I’ll explain later – more holiday party photos to come ) But this isn’t yesterday, it’s today. Saturday. And Saturday, has been pretty relaxing so far. I hit up a Yoga to the … Continue reading