“Food” the Body

Have you heard of this whole barefoot running phenomena?

Or…what about the caveman diet?

Recently, I feel like I have heard so many things about how certain diets, or certain products, or certain types of shoes can impact the way our body was actually meant to function. Cavemen ate meat, so we should eat meat. Our bodies were made to run, therefore, shoes with specific arch designs and cushioning are only negatively affecting us.

Sure, some of these may have validity – who knows! I dont know really what I believe yet, but  I came across this diagram today and thought it was so incredibly interesting and related to how certain types of food might impact certain body parts, that I just had to share and see what you thought.

I’ve always been nervous about diabetes since it runs in my family, so maybe it’s a good thing I eat sweet potatoes by the bushel.

What do you think about this chart? Do you think there is some wierd cosmic sign that designed certain fruits to help certain parts of the body? Do you think that our feet were created specifically to run barefoot?? I know right? All craziness..


This AM workout included

20 minute treadmill workout alternating speed by .5 every .5 m between 5.5 and 7.5

20 minute stairmaster workout


4 thoughts on ““Food” the Body

  1. Agreed..As a carnivore I believe red meat many advantages such as protein ( big time ), complex B vitamins, and zinc to name a few I know there’s more, are what keep me from feeling guilty about my medium rare t-bone. In reality it’s all about portion control because a healthy amount of red meat per serving for all this goodness is ideally ONLY 3oz, the size of a deck of cards. For us hungry girls that just doesn’t usually cut it and then we end up over consuming, as is tradition especially around the holidays 😉

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