Bringing Pinterest To Life

My roommate asked me today what Pinterest was.

Whaaat? Was the look of delirium on my face. How could you not know?!

As I tried to gather words to explain the website that I can attribute to a good hour of my day, every day, I found myself drawing a blank. Instead, I showed her pictures like this which make me laugh,

Relax. I was just kidding.

Or like this, which I try to remember every day,

Or these to inspire my outfits!


(love that chunky knit with sequin skirt look! Perfect for the holidays)

And today, I decided to take one of those beautiful things about Pinterest and make it a reality.

Yes friends. That is a genuine DIY dry-erase board. Aren’t you proud?? I’m planning on taking out the photo and putting in some wrapping paper or fabric which doesn’t have images on it so that I can read the words better, but all-in-all I’m pretty impressed with myself!

Insert [pack on back] here.

To do this yourself, you seriously just put whatever background design you want or photo, like I did, in a picture frame. Dry-erase markers work on the glass panel so you’re all set!

Now if only I could figure out a new DIY trick that would ensure I’d get out of the house to the gym at 4 pm…brainstorming.